5 simple steps to social media success!

It can all seem very daunting when you are starting out on your journey promoting your business.   There are so many options and ideas out there it can get very confusing very quickly. When that happens frustration follows and guess what?  You put it all off for another day.

Every journey begins with a first step.  If you can break a big challenge into small steps it seems to become more manageable.

Here are my 5 Steps to Social Media Success:

Step 1 – Know where you are

Take a look at the social media channels your business might already have.  See what you have been sharing on them and how often.  Also check the ‘about’ section in your profile to ensure it’s really up to scratch. Then see which social media channels others in your industry are using and what they are sharing.

Step 2 – Know your audience

You need to be where your customers are.  If you were a retail store you would be on the main street of a busy town and it’s the same with social media.  Find out who your potential customer is, then find out what social media channels they are using.  That is where you need to be so you can hang out and engage with them.

Step 3 – Know your message

What are you trying to say?  Your message should be based around the challenge you can solve for your customer.  You should also be letting them know why you are that little bit more special than the others.  Find out what is unique about you and tell the world.

Step 4 – Know your Limits

Time is a precious commodity.  When you are working for yourself sometimes you will be the salesperson, manufacturer, bookkeeper, delivery person all in one.  There are only so many hours in a day.  Social media management takes up time, however, it’s a great investment of your time.  Be realistic in what time you have to spend and then be consistent.  It’s better to manage one channel well and consistently than to have an account on all social media channels and post sporadically.

Step 5 – Know your results

When you invest your time and creativity into social media you want to ensure you are getting results.  The ‘likes and shares’ are great but you need to make sure you are also getting the website clicks and phone calls that result in sales.  Measure the results of everything you do and if it’s working then do more of it.  More importantly, if it’s not working for you, change it up and try something new.  Measure, learn from it and always try to improve.

Don’t let social media overwhelm you, start small and build up your activity.  It’s a long term investment but a very worthwhile one.  Remember, your customer is out there so make sure your brand is there hanging out with them.

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