Advice on engaging website content.

Your website content should highlight the benefits of your product.   How it can be used, how others have used it, and how it can improve the life of the customer.  If your website content highlights what you offer and it mirrors what your audience needs, then you may just get that sale.

Content includes text, images and video.

Let the website visitor learn a bit about the brand and then use your content to lead them to where you want them to go (which is normally a sale).  Your content must be original, so no duplicate content.  There are lots of people writing about the same subject so you should put your own individual stamp on it by giving examples or opinions.

The articles should be easy to read, scannable with interesting headings, use images and bullet points if suitable.  Do not forget the technical side, include your keywords to be found by the search engines.  Video content should also be easily consumed, graphics should be relevant. You know your audience so show your expertise and solve their problems with your content.

Increase website visitors

You work hard to get visitors to your website so make sure the content on there does its job.  Content without a purpose is not effective.  Engaging content will drive the actions you want (a sale, a sign up or a download).  Remember that it is not just a single piece of content, it is a collection of content that will move them to a conversion.  If the content is what your target audience needs at the right time, then you are going to have success. Mixing the content between written and visual makes it more interesting.

Your content will move them along the funnel so ask yourself ‘What do you want your audience to do after they have finished reading your content?’ Add links and calls to action to suit.  Make the content engaging and remember we all love a story.  Make them think by asking a question or making a bold statement.

Content that gets results

Engaging content gets results.  It will provide the likes, comments, and shares on social.  But more importantly it will start conversations, encourage clicks to the website, signups to newsletters and phone calls.  Content can turn followers into customers so ensure you are planning and creating to get those results.

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