Are Google Ads really any good?

Google Ads are a great tool to increase the visibility of your brand on search engines.

With a Google Ad campaign, you are present when your potential customer is searching.  These searchers are there with intent, they are actively looking for your product and will be a good lead.

 The 3 questions to ask if you are considering Google Ads:

  • Are people aware of your product to the point they are searching online for it?
  • Are you a small business in a competitive market?
  • Is your website ready for the traffic?

If you have an unusual product or service that the world does not know about, then you could be wasting your time with Google Ads.  You need to know that there are significant numbers of people searching for your product right now so you will generate the right leads.  If you are a new entrant into a crowded market, it may be difficult to compete organically with others.  Google Ads levels up the playing field a bit.  Your website needs to be ready for any potential clicks.  This will include having the right content when they arrive along with your website being fast to load, optimised for mobile and an SSL cert installed.

What do you need to know about Google Ads?

You need to have a goal before you start.  Will it be brand awareness, lead generation or actual sales?  You can then decide on how long your want to run your search campaign for and how much you are willing to spend.  One way of deciding on budget is to discover how much a click is worth to your business.  This will be based on the current conversation rate of your website.  Discovering the best keywords and crafting the right message for your advertisement is vital.  Then it is time to ensure that whatever landing page you will use to welcome the traffic will give you a good quality score.

We know that the searcher that will see your advertisement will be a more engaged visitor, will have a purpose and therefore be more valuable to you.  In fact, you could describe Google Ads as the way to show your ads to ‘the right people, in the right place, at the right time’.   A last word of advice – get some knowledge before you start to spend.  Google Ads provide both training and support online to their advertisers.  Knowing how to use Google Ads right could bring you great rewards.

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