Building a Brand on YouTube!

By the year 2020 over 80% of world internet will be video.

That prediction is not surprising with over 1 billion hours of YouTube watched everyday worldwide.

Ireland and YouTube

In Ireland the average user spends around 40 minutes per day watching YouTube on a mobile device.   With better coverage and lower costs, this is the entertainment we enjoy while commuting, waiting or just hanging out.   While video is massive on mobile, let’s not forget those that watch YouTube on smart TV, where over 3 hours are consumed per day.

Plan for success

YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine so surely there are opportunities there for you to build your brand.  The beauty of the platform is that you don’t have to be a global brand with endless budgets to gain value.   However, you must plan your activity if you want to gain some success.

Have a look at your audience and think about what they would like to see.  Then decide what the message for your brand will be in the video.  It’s worth taking a look at what your competitors are doing also for inspiration.

Tips for Your video

If you have a huge budget to hire a team to create your video, then you are super lucky.  However, many small businesses must rely on their smarts rather than their euros for success.  That is fine as once the content is good our audience will be quite forgiving on the quality of the production. Here are a few tips when it comes to creating any video:

Audio – When we are on YouTube we expect both images and sound.  While on Facebook most of video is consumed in silence, YouTube is different.   So decide if you will allow the people in the video to speak, hire a voice over artist or even just add some great music.  Whatever you do, no silence please.

Branding – You might be entertaining your audience but you are also a business.  showing your product or branding early on in the video is a good idea.  Show it upfront, show it soon and show it throughout but be creative and clever with this.

Connection – We watch YouTube to be entertained and enriched.  So give us a little humour in your video.  Be authentic and maybe make your audience stop and think.  Whatever you do, don’t make it boring or they will soon switch off.

Direction – Thanks for the great video and now I will watch something else.  Wait, don’t forget the CTA (call to action).  What do you want them to do next?  Send them to your store, your website or another video on your channel.  If you have them to the end they are interested.

In video it is all about the story telling.  If you can tell a good story and engage with your audience, it will be successful for your brand.  Check out these tools to get some ideas of the popular content on YouTube – YouTube Trends Dashboard, YouTube Ads Leader Board.   Consider Video for your brand today.

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