Christmas Marketing Ideas for Your Business.

Retail stores see a huge increase in sales in the months coming up to Christmas.

We might complain that the season is becoming more commercialised each year but this extra activity is a great boost to our economy.  Plus, the giving of gifts spreads good feeling and happiness throughout the land.

That Christmas Feeling

Even if your business does not depend on Christmas for a surge in revenue, it is nice to get involved in some way.  We thought you might like a few ideas for Christmas Marketing Activities that may suit your business.

Social:  Add a Christmas feel to your social media headers, maybe add some holly or tinsel over your normal logo.  Thinking about our morning cappuccino during the festive season – our friends in Costa, Insomnia and Starbucks all do this with their cups – same branding but with a festive twist.  Your graphics and imagery can change for the Christmas season by simply using more reds and adding bows.

Blog: Add a Christmas slant to your normal blog – see what I am doing here, practising what I preach!  Think how you can share your thoughts in a seasonal way.  If you are running AdWords campaigns, you can add Christmas words and phrases into the text too.

Traditional:  The 12 days of Christmas has been around for years.  Be inspired to offer some special messages or products with an email or social media promotion based on 12 items. Maybe add to the panic by saying ‘only 12 shopping days left to Christmas’ – and think about offering gift vouchers.

Share: Why not consider some special Christmas code offers?  Or how about a Christmas competition?  A little something to give back to your loyal customers.  A time for giving – to reward your customers

Give: Christmas is a time to give back.  Look up local charity events, help them by promoting them via your social media to encourage your followers to give.  And don’t forget to donate yourself if you can.

Solve:  Solve a Christmas challenge – what is that?  Time constraints, can’t think of a present for an awkward relative? not able to cope with the crowds? etc.   Helping take the stress out of a situation for somebody will reap you rewards.

Fun:  And don’t forget to have some fun – make a seasonal video, have a funny character added to your marketing.  Bring out the child in you at this magical time.

Whatever you decide to do with your Christmas Marketing, don’t forget to take some time out and enjoy the festive season with friends and family.  That’s the important message.

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