Content Marketing!

Content marketing involves telling the story of your brand.  You can do this by creating and distributing content such as articles, images, video or audio.

Relevant Content

Your content should be relevant and consistent with your brand so it can be used to attract and retain customers and drive conversions.  Remember, your aim is not to ‘pitch your product’ but to provide useful content on how your product solves their challenges.

Website Brand Message

How can you share your brand message without creating content?  It’s impossible. Your website needs great content so it will rank well with the search engines.  Adding new content regularly works wonders for ranking.  In addition, if you are running any Google ads you need a landing page with great content that will convert.  In essence, you need content so people can learn about your brand and drive web traffic inbound leads.  You also need fantastic content to succeed on social media.

Where to Start

Content is created for a reason so set some goals – what are you trying to achieve? Brand awareness, moving people along a buying journey, getting leads, driving conversions, selling more to existing customers? Decide what your goal is so you are focussed on the result.

Remember to create some content around your mission statement too.  Explain why your business exists; this will be your USP, a list of the benefits of your product and of course pointing out the challenge that you solve for your customer.

The Process

To get started with your content, you will need to do some research to figure out what your audience would like. Set your goal, create your core message, and then decide what type of content you will create. It’s important to schedule in some time and get down to the business of writing that blog or making that video.  After you share it out, measure the reactions and results along the way.

Every time you talk, write, design, post, respond and connect with others you are exercising your brand voice.  Make sure it is heard and understood.

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