Deciding to embrace Digital Marketing

Buy in

Getting the whole team to embrace a new way of marketing will be a challenge.  People are often resistant to change and they might think that methods currently in place are fine so don’t want to risk a change.  There will also be somebody that doesn’t want to spend money on something they are not familiar with or don’t understand.


The next objection will be that there is no time for all that work. Someone will say the team are already busy doing other work and don’t have capacity.  There is also the unknown of how long it will take and how it will generate leads.


If they don’t know what to do or how to measure success, it’s no wonder someone will be resistant.  You need to know which platforms to use, how often, what the message is and then all this becomes complicated so you do nothing.

Time to embrace it

To get more sales you need more customers – right?  In order to get new customers, you need to let them know you exist and tell them about your product.  Today’s customer is online and if you are not there when they are looking then you may as well not exist. They are searching for your product so make sure you are not handing your competitor business that can be yours.

What to do

Get a plan in place and decide on a strategy to achieve your business objectives.  Start with your website and then move on to the social media channels that would be right for you.  Strong leadership will bring a team through the change of a new way of doing things.  It’s a team effort so find the time to devote to this new marketing.  If you don’t you may find yourself with lots of free time as you lose sales.  Everything is measureable so once results are being seen you will notice the ones who were initially resistant will change their opinions.

Get buy in from the rest of the team, find the time, make a plan and embrace this new way of doing business.

Your customers are online, your competitors are on line and you have to be there too, regardless of your personal preferences.  My last piece of advice for businesses new to digital marketing is a quote from the famous Mr Nike – Just do it!

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