Does Social Media Affect SEO?

Ever wondered if your Social Media activity affects SEO?

Google has said that it does not take social media shares into account when ranking websites.  However, social media does have an important effect on helping to improve the SEO performance of your website.

Activity to a Website

When we write a blog and add it to our website, we will use our social media channels to share the articles.    Each time a user clicks on the link you are getting activity on your website.   Google loves a busy site and the more clicks you can get the better.  It’s even better when you share your content on social media and others re-share it.  This results in even more clicks to your website.

Search Engine Results Page

When searching for a brand on Google, your social media accounts can come up in the search results if you are active.  These results take up valuable real estate on the search engine results page and will push your competitors down a little too.

Brand Awareness

Pushing out good content even without a link will help build brand awareness and get people to check out your website.   Brand recognition comes when good content is seen regularly on social media.  Social media, when done well, has a positive impact on your brand. Resulting in being at the forefront of people’s mind when considering your service or product.

Local SEO

Local SEO is an important element of search engine results.  The social media reviews your business receives will often show up in results.  In particular, your Google my Business account reviews and activity will have an impact.  Ensuring your social media accounts are optimised with your address will help with local SEO.  Linking searchers to your service when they are activity searching for it reaps rewards.

When we look at a brand’s online presence, we take many factors into consideration.  Their website, social media channels and mentions all link together to build a presence.  One element may drive traffic to another, and this is the activity that results in leads and sales.  So, now that you know how social media activity can assist in SEO I know you will keep up your activity….

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