Every Single Minute.

In this busy world we live in much happens online every minute of the day.

We might look at statistics on the number on Facebook users or the hours spent on YouTube.  However, looking at what happens online every minute of every day is much more interesting.


Every Single Minute 400 hours of video uploaded to YouTube.  That is a huge amount of content put out there for audiences to consume.  We love watching video on mobile and the consumption rates in Ireland are growing rapidly every year.  As our work and play time gets more fluid we are less likely to sit down and watch a scheduled TV show but rather be entertained on demand when it suits us.

Social Media

Every Single Minute 216,000 photos posted on Instagram – 120 LinkedIn accounts are created  – 347,200 Tweets are posted.  We love our social media and enjoy spending time on the platforms that suit our lives.   We share what is happening with us, comment on what is happening in the world and interact with each other like never before.  This is our news source and our entertainment.


Every Single Minute 2.4million google searches are made.  We rely on Google now to answer our questions and help us throughout the day.  Many are using voice search to make the experience even quicker.  Google is becoming our shopping companion, our concierge, our guide and maybe even our friend.  How would we survive now without it?


Every Single Minute 142 million emails are sent and received.   We all have at least one email account that we check regularly throughout the day.  In the past we only really used email for work purposes but now it is part of our day to day communications.  It’s part of our smartphone experience so people know they can connect with us at any stage, as our phone is always on us.


Every Single Minute 50,200 mobile apps are downloaded.  No longer just for games, apps are a major part of our daily life.  They say that looking at the apps on somebody’s phone says a lot about them.  However, if you look at the most used ones on any mobile they will generally be social media, email, search and messaging.  That is closely followed by some useful ones such as banking, weather and maps.

With all this data going back and forth and much of the activity performed on mobile, it raises many opportunities for businesses today.  Every single minute this is happening, what will your brand do about it?

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