Getting Results Organically on Social Media!

Are you getting less results from social media than you were last year?

Those algorithms can be quite a challenge to the small business owner. With less organic reach you are being pushed towards advertising to get any significant results.  However, there are a few things you could try that may help you get more results without having to pay.

Using All Features

The social media platforms introduce new features, and they seem to reward those that jump onboard.  So, try using as many features on a particular platform as you can.  For example, on Instagram use posts, stories, highlights, reels and even consider going live.  You will be rewarded for using all these features, particularly if you are consistent with this activity.

Encourage Engagement

Encourage comments and engagements but be clever in your efforts.  Asking a question to get comments is fine but watch out for click bait.  For example, don’t ask people to ‘tag, share and like’ in order to get more reach, that looks spammy and the algorithm may not like it.  Asking for an opinion or an answer to a genuine question is much more effective.

Show Something Real

Post some genuine content in addition to your marketing ones.  Photos and videos with real people in them get great engagement.  So be brave and show your face and encourage your team to do similar.  Watch your engagement numbers when you do this, I would bet you will be surprised at the results.  Remember to measure what works for you and do more of it.

Quality Over Quantity

Attract the right type of followers, it’s always quality over quantity.  Having smaller numbers of real followers that may buy from you is much better than having thousands of followers who are just always looking.  Add value to your followers lives and they are more likely to connect with you and turn into customers.

Be Consistent

Be consistent in your efforts on social media.  While you don’t have to post every day, decide how many times a week you will post and try to stick to that so there are no major gaps.  Use a mix of content to keep it interesting.  Don’t sell at your followers, always try to educate, entertain or engage with them for best results.

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