How Blogging will Get you Results!

What makes a great website?  One vital element is having original, relevant and interesting content.

And it’s not just the visitors to your website that want that, the search engines want to see it too.   Blogging is a way of creating and sharing great content and the benefits of doing so are huge.

Why should I have a blog on my website?

  • It is a great way of including even more keywords on your website, more pages mean more places to explain what you do.
  • As you add a new blog to your website it gets bigger and that is something the search engines love.
  • You can struggle to think of good content to share on social media, having a great blog once a month will help as you now have something to share.
  • New content on the website for when the search engines come calling is always a bonus and can give you the edge when it comes to search engine ranking.
  • A blog is a great way of showing your expertise and sharing knowledge or explaining your product.
  • It’s the perfect way to share news of what is happening in your business and letting the whole world know how great you and your team are.
  • It’s all about brand awareness and great content shared online will always support that.

How to Blog for your business

Firsly think about what you want to write about.  You may be inspired by a question that a customer has asked you, or perhaps you want to share an experience that has occurred within the business.  Always aim to add genuine value to your audience.  Pick a great image to accompany your blog will enhance and ensure you include some keywords naturally throughout the text.  Your subject matter should be relevant to your business and this will show topic authority.

How long should a blog be?

Long enough to gain value from search engines but not too long that the reader gets bored.  Between 300 to 500 words is a good length.  Make sure your blog is easy to read by using headings and separate paragraphs.  Perhaps you want to have a call to action at the end such as asking the reader for their opinion or encouraging them to get in touch for more information.

So, the next time somebody suggests you blog for your business, don’t just dismiss it as a waste of time.  Look at it as time invested in growing your brand and letting the world know all about you.

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