How do I sell my products on Instagram?

The world seems to be in love with Instagram at the moment.

With users having reached one billion worldwide it shows that it is a truly social place to hang out.  Why do we love it?  There is always something fantastic to see, it’s easy to use and has great opportunities to engage with others.

How can you use Instagram as a business?

Many will visit Instagram daily and 80% of users follow at least one brand.  This provides a fantastic opportunity for businesses to engage with a young interested audience.   How do we sell here?  By being social and building a loyalty and likeability for our brand.

While Twitter, LinkedIn are for networking, Instagram is where you can show the human side of your brand.  Showing off the people who build your product and the place where you work together.  Share what you value in a place that is seen as inviting, friendly and human.

Even starting off it can be easy to be found and build your following with hashtags quite quickly. By using appropriate hashtags you can be part of something that people are interested in.  Find some hashtags that are relevant to your goals or content so you can associate your images with trending topics.


Build brand awareness by having consistency in your posts.  Using your logo as your profile picture and optimising your bio with keywords and a link to your website will all help.  When it comes to the actual posts the clever brands will be consistent with their style, that includes fonts, colours, filters and colours.

It’s not all about the single image, Video is also an important type of visual marketing content. Followers who watch videos are 85% more likely to buy the product.  Creating video within the app is cost effective, quick and effective.  Just be clever with your message and what you want to show.

Growing the audience

Grow your audience by creating high quality, on-brand content that people want to see.  Strong content increases the likelihood of being discovered by non-followers from Search & Explore.  Reach out and let people know that you are on Instagram by telling them (in person, from your other social media platforms, your website, your business card, an in-store sign).  Consider a ‘guest takeover’, this is where a popular user on Instagram takes over your account for a day or week.  Look at other businesses that are doing well and get inspiration.

Reach out to non-followers by advertising on Instagram.  It’s easy to do and just like Facebook it is really great for targeting the right people.  If you are familiar with the Facebook Advertising, then it will be a breeze for you.

Instagram is great for brand awareness and driving website traffic which in turn could equal extra sales.   Have you considered it for your business yet?

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