How Often Should I Post on Social Media?

A business without a social media presence may as well not exist.

We live on our smartphones and they are our daily source of information and entertainment.  A business can tap into this activity by promoting themselves on a wide range of platforms.  But as a business, how often should you post?

Quality over Quantity

Before you post anything, ask yourself ‘Is this good?’.   You are representing your brand and perception matters.  You are better to post nothing than to put something up that is of poor quality.  It is difficult to be creative so if you only have four good ideas, just post one a week for a month.  That is better than daily half-hearted posts that do not showcase your brand well.

Your Audience

A brand that sells directly to consumers will need to post more regularly than a business to business account.   If you need to post very regularly and you find that you can’t always create new content, consider re-using content.  If you have already shared good content in the past and it’s still relevant you can always re-share it weeks or months later.  Remember, you could have new followers that did not see it the first time.


Your resources will influence how often you post, particularly if you are the only person in the business.  Look at the time you have available and be realistic in how much you can devote to social media.  If you have time to post twice a week, then do so.  However, don’t be social only when it suits.  Do not post 10 times in a week where you are not busy and then leave gaps for weeks where there is nothing but tumbleweed.

In an ideal world you should post once a day on social media.  However, don’t be disheartened if you cannot achieve this.   Decide on how often you can and then just be consistent with it and remember – it’s quality over quantity.

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