How To Create A Podcast For Your Business.

Do you listen to podcasts?  I asked this at a training course recently and everybody told me that they have listened to a podcast in the last few months.  I was not surprised as podcasts have become so popular in the past year.

Creating a podcast

If you are thinking of creating a podcast to promote your business, then you are not alone in wanting to harness this powerful content type.  The first thing you need to consider is what your podcast will be about.  Ask yourself, what are you passionate about? What do you have to share that people want to hear?

Then think about the format, will you be the only contributor, or will you interview others?  Perhaps you will have a co-host or maybe it will take the form of a Q&A style podcast.  Then there is the length and frequency of your episodes, this will be influenced by the time you have available.

Listen and Learn

If you spend time listening to other podcasts you will get an idea of styles and you can see what is right for you.  Then you will start by writing an outline of your episode.  You may need to purchase some equipment.  It does not have to be very expensive but you will need a good microphone and some headphones at least.  Audacity is a popular platform to use for recording and editing.  While Buzzprout is often used to host podcasts.

Other things you must consider are graphics and SEO.  Your podcast is listed with a graphic so make sure it looks great and resonates with the audience so they will click to listen.  Optimising your descriptions for SEO will help get more listeners.

Promote your podcast

Just because you make it and release it does not mean they will find it.  You must promote your podcast!  Tell people about it, use social media, and ask others to promote it for you.  Perhaps do an email campaign and of course you will add a link on your website so others can find it.

Podcasts are here to stay, it is another form of content that you can add to your marketing strategy and it could make you stand out from the crowd.  Watch out for a ‘learn to podcast course’ with your Local Enterprise Office and see how easy it is to create your first podcast.  Hope I see you there!

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