How to generate leads using social media.

Your marketing activities should result in leads for your sales team.  So how do you use social media to generate leads for your brand?

Generating Leads

Online marketing is used to build brand awareness to increase demand for a product. Consistent sharing of content across a variety of channels will result in more exposure for that brand.   Content is key but there are also a few things that you need to get right to ensure those leads are generated.


Make sure your social media accounts are optimised.  That starts with your bio or profile, ensuring that everything looks as good as possible, gives relevant information and creates the right impression.


Remember to share clickable content now and then.  You want followers to move along the sales funnel from brand awareness to the actual sale.  The best way of doing that is to make it easy for them to get to your website to purchase or find out more about your product.


Ensure your website landing page looks great, this will be the page where your clickable social media link goes.  The page should speak to the visitor, answer their questions, or just reinforce their interest in your product.


You may need to consider spending money to generate leads and one highly effective way of doing this is to use lead generation ads on Facebook or Instagram.  This is a way of warming up a lead and getting some information from them for re-marketing.


Offer an incentive to your followers such as a discount code, a giveaway, a downloadable eBook, something of value that encourages them to engage with you.  Turning a like into a lead and then finally a sale.


Measure your efforts, see what is working best and then do more of it.  This will ensure little wastage of time and money and better rewards.

Creating the content that the audience wants to see and that has value for them will always encourage them to engage with you.  But when you start thinking strategically about lead generation you need to be very focussed.  Getting the basics correct will help fill your sales pipeline for the future.

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