How To Get Better Results on Facebook!

Organic results have been hard to achieve on Facebook for quite some time now. However, it is not a good idea to shrug the shoulders and give up. There are a few things you can do to ensure you are making the most of your Facebook Business page before you start spending money on advertising or closing down your page.

Here are 3 Top Tips:

1. Create original content. If you are sharing blogs make sure you write the article yourself. Ensure that it is useful and creates value for your audience and don’t share the same content multiple times in a short period.Don’t take a TikTok branded video and then share it to Facebook, it’s obvious to the algorithm and they do not want to advertise a rival platform. Don’t take a generic video that is doing the rounds and then share it on your page. Also try to avoid stock images and graphics when you can. This is because the algorithm has seen before and won’t appreciate it. Remember you can repurpose older content but add a new twist, make it look new. Perhaps a new voice, or additional clips or new introductions or new subtitles on that video.

2. Look at the figures. Have you looked back at the results of previous posts? What worked well for you, what is the profile age/location/interests of your audience? If the numbers are good, can you create more content of a similar type or subject. Remember when you start a conversation, monitor the comments to get to know your audience so you can create content to specifically help them.

3. Follow the guidelines. It’s amazing that so many businesses out there are making the same mistakes. Sharing clickbait, (asking them to tag, share and like) is not appreciated. Having content that looks too much like an advert won’t be as appealing. Avoid sharing the same things over and over or sharing misleading information. The algorithm won’t tolerate low quality content.

Here is a reminder of what Facebook tells us users dislike and do not want to see:

Content that includes clickbait. Content that includes engagement bait. Content that promotes a contest or giveaway. Content that includes links to low-quality or deceptive landing pages or domains, such as landing pages filled with click-through or malicious ads.

Look back at the feed on your Facebook Business page and ensure you are sharing original, valuable and interesting content. That is how you will get results organically.

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