How to get more engagement on Facebook.

Using Facebook to promote your business makes sense as there is such a large audience ready to hear about your product.

However, that big advantage can also be the greatest challenge.  With so many businesses out there promoting their products and services, engagement seems to be decreasing.

How to get more engagement

Here are a few ideas to freshen up your approach to Facebook and get you back interested in it again.

Use great images – you want to stop them mid-scroll so they see what you are sharing.  An interesting, attractive image can do this.  Spend some time thinking about getting the right angle, mix it up with black and white or a really colourful image.  Maybe check out one of the free stock images websites for fresh ideas.

Make it interesting – would you follow you?  Really think about this.  Are you sharing interesting relevant content that your fans want to see and read, if you are not then you need to change this.  Make it more interesting and encourage conversations around your topic.  Incorporate video into your content if you have not done so already, it’s really engaging

Use the tools – what about starting a relevant industry group on Facebook?  The audience will be more likely to be engaged and you could create content specifically for them.  Also consider Facebook Events, could you organise a meetup, a talk in the local library, a webinar?  Offer valuable advice or something free in exchange for their time.

Being social on Facebook

Consistency is key, post often but only when you have something that is good.  It’s quality over quantity here and what you share should be something you are proud of every time.   Drive engagement by starting a conversation, a question is a good place to start.  Remember to reply to any comments within a reasonable timeframe.  Enjoy getting to know your followers by answering their questions or giving your option on their comments.  Finally, pay attention to insights so you can see clearly which posts are performing well.  Do more of what your fans like and improve where you get little engagement.

Facebook want posts that drive discussion and hold attention, so take some time out this week to re-evaluate what you are doing on Facebook and see what changes you can make for the better.

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