How to turn your marketing green on St. Patrick’s Day !

We all love an excuse to celebrate.  Certainly a day off work, a long weekend and a reason to enjoy being Irish are some of the reasons why we love St Patrick’s Day.

Like all holidays or events during the year we might look at them and see some marketing opportunities.   It may be seen as ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ but if it is done correctly, it can result in some nice dividends for a business.

Relevant & Authentic

Being relevant is key and it is worth listening and looking to see what is happening around you.   The meaning of this great day has changed significantly over the years and your marketing efforts should reflect that.  Being authentic is always the best option to get engagement. There will be a lot of activity around this holiday so join the conversation.  Listen to what others are saying and get involved.  Taking about what we love about Ireland and being Irish in an authentic way will help show the personality of a brand.

Promote the ‘Irish’ element to your business.  Naturally we are proud to be Irish all through the year but this special day makes it even more important to promote this.  If you export then why not promote this holiday, almost every country in the world seems to join our celebrations in some small way.  Even simple things like sharing an old family recipe for something typically Irish can be of great value.  What about talking about Irish expressions or sayings – what is normal for us, can be interesting to others.   This would make an ideal subject for a blog, to be used in email campaigns or social media postings.

There will be lots of events on, are you involved?  If you are part of a parade or event, then tell everybody.  If you are not, then show your community spirit by sharing what is going on in your locality.

Even if you just do something small, turn it green for the day.  Have fun and add some shamrock to your social media headers – and enjoy Lá Fhéile Pádraig

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