How to up your Instagram game this month!

It seems that everybody is buzzing about Instagram at the moment.

I am meeting lots of businesses that want to harness the power of this social media channel.  Instagram is a fantastic opportunity to engage with others so take time out to ensure you are making the most of it.

Think ‘Story’

I am not talking about ‘stories’ here – but rather letting your photographs tell ‘a story’.  We all love a good story so entertain your followers with a great photo and explain the context by telling them a bit about why you are posting it.  Perhaps you were on the way to a meeting and some flowers stopped you in your tracks, or maybe you met somebody interesting and you want to share a selfie.  Tell them the story behind that photo.

Be ‘Real’

Instagram is a softer social media channel where people are a little bit more comfortable sharing personal things.  As a business you need to be relevant to your audience and talk to them in a way they appreciate.  You can do this by being authentic and sharing your brand personality.  If a customer feels a connection with a brand, then it is more likely to invest.

Be ‘Consistent’

New resolution everybody – No more ‘5 posts one day’ and then nothing for a week.  Little and often is often the key to balance and success. I’m often asked how often you should post and I will reply once you post regularly while keeping the quality up then that is the perfect amount.  Keep to your own pace but be consistent.

Think ‘Stories’

See what I did here?!  If you are not in love with Instagram stories then you should be. They have proven to provide higher engagement.  Stories are fun and exciting for the viewer (they may be slightly terrifying for the first time video star).  If your stories are good, your followers will regularly check in to see what you have been up to.  Don’t forget to take advantage of the ‘highlights’ option too, this will give your stories more of a lifetime.

Think Hashtags

Don’t forget the hashtag and maybe it is time to think of some new ones.  What about your own branded hashtag?  Perhaps you could use a location hashtag and a call to action ‘to follow’ hashtag (e.g. for more follow #joannesholidays).  Hashtags are a great way for new followers to find you so go wild and be adventurous by adding some new ones.

You may have started with a few photos and the odd hashtag but this month think about upping your game on Instagram.  Just a little more creativity and effort can really make a difference.

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