How to write great content.

It’s all about the content really.

The search engines want relevant, original content and your audience want useful information.  So how do you ensure that your content is great?

Make sure it’s Relevant

The content you create for your website or social media channels should be relevant to your brand and also relevant to your audience.  Sharing the benefits of your product in a way that is meaningful to your readers is important.

Make sure it’s Useful

Are you helping them by sharing top tips or helpful resources?  Being useful will help gain favour with audiences and that turns into brand loyalty.

Make sure it’s Entertaining and/or Educational

We all love a good story.  We like to be entertained and that is why many of us spend so much time on social media during our down time.  Something that raises a smile is always good.  Even better is when we learn something new that can help us in some way.

Make sure it’s Always Engaging

Keep it interesting.  Using the correct tone of voice for your audience will get your message across in a positive way.  Considering what the audiences challenges are and shaping your content to address these in the right way will reap rewards.

Make sure it’s Enough

We need enough text to keep the search engines happy.  However, we don’t need to write a novel to get the value from it.  There is a balance in having enough text to include keywords, getting your point across and not boring the pants off everybody.

Make sure it’s Planned

Your content should be shared consistently.  It’s always quality over quantity when it comes to content.  Decide how much content you can create in the time you have and then start planning.  Creating a content calendar is a great idea.  You can set out your topics and decide on how often you will share each month.  Planning months in advance will ensure you take into account seasonality and your content will be topical.

Creating great content that the search engines love will reap benefits when it comes to getting brand awareness.  Start planning and creating your content today.

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