Is TikTok suitable for my business?

If you thought TikTok was only for the teenagers, think again!  There has been a huge rise in users over the past 18 months and many of them are over 30.

What is TikTok?  They describe it as this; “TikTok is an entertainment platform that brings millions of fans together to create and discuss fun, enjoyable, short-form mobile videos”

Why TikTok is so popular

TikTok is a space for joy, it will make you giggle, it will bring happy tears and it will inspire you.  It’s built for creativity and has many clever people making content that encourages inclusivity, escape and something a little different.

With over 100 million TikToks created every minute, it has the highest engagement rate of any social media platform.  The average user spends 1 hour per day, opening the app 6 times.  Approx a third of users are 16-24yrs, a third are 25-34yrs and the rest are 35yrs+.  It’s a wide range of people enjoying fun content.

How to get noticed

Your post is initially shown to a small number of people, not necessarily your followers.  If they ‘like’ it, then the algorithm shows it to more people.  Then if they like it…. the sky is the limit! You could end up going viral on your first post.  The potential of organic reach on this platform is amazing.

How to use TikTok for Business

My advice is to stop and watch for a while.  See the type of content that is shared and get a feel for the style.  Then to grow a new account you should jump on ‘Trends’, at least half your content at the start should be your version of what is trending (but put your own spin on it).

Then when it comes to creating content for your business on TikTok – be your true authentic self. Share your craft and the people behind it, give us a glimpse into your day and the type of person you are.  It should be YOU telling YOUR story, both during the good times and the bad days too.  Tell your audience about your business challenges, your successes, and your failures. Remember, it’s a genuine authentic place.

TikTok is a level playing field for businesses trying to get brand awareness.  It’s a highly engaged audience that likes to buy things.  However, you must be ‘real’ and you must give ‘joy’ to get the results that many have had already.

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