Keep Your Video Content Short.

The latest prediction from marketing experts is that the coming year will see huge growth in the use of short form video content. So, if you want to be relevant, you need to jump on the trend.

Why shorter videos?

Short-form video is classed as anything 60 seconds or less. The huge success of TikTok has proved that we love content that is easy to consume. We now have shorter attention spans so short videos suit us.

What kind of videos?

This shorter video can be more challenging to create as you are time restricted. The advice is to aim to be entertaining – but if you can’t be funny then be valuable. Ask yourself what your audience needs to know and what would they value. You should be creating not just for the sake of making these videos, but you should have something new or interesting to say. It’s quality over quantity here and remember it will take time to plan, make and edit. But the results could be significant.

Where to use your short videos?

You can use them on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok of course. For those with a LinkedIn audience, don’t forget to share them there. Everybody talks about Reels and TikTok but don’t underestimate the rise in the use and value of YouTube shorts. YouTube is a huge search engine so publishing there will help with SEO and being found by a new audience.

Where to start?

Do your research, spend time on platforms to see what others are doing, be inspired and get some new ideas. You can use any of the many free apps and platforms to make videos, edit them and add special effects. Canva is one of the most popular options and is so easy to use, making short work of creating content.

What if you don’t want to be the star of the video? I get this all the time from clients, while you will get better results if you appear in the video, I understand the reluctance. However, it is not an excuse to avoid video content. On Canva there is stock video you can use, you can add your voice or hire a voice over actor, you can just use music and text. There are always options.

Start creating your short form video today and get ahead of the crowd so your brand stands out.

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