Pinterest for Business.

There is a certain trend emerging – a return to the ‘old fashioned’ hobbies of a previous generation.

A yearning to get back to nature and a simpler life.  While there is no decrease in the use of social media and screen activities, we are now a nation of bakers, gardeners, home decorators and crafters!

A Pinterest Lifestyle

Pinterest is benefiting from this trend with a sudden increase in activity from their 320million+ users.   70% of these users are women and they are using Pinterest to increase their knowledge about food, crafts and home decor.  It is also the platform where they plan moments in their lives like weddings, decoration of new homes and even life goal setting.

Inspiration to Purchase

People come to Pinterest to get inspired and try new things.  They use it to find new items such as jewelry, beauty products, home decor accessories, craft supplies and help give inspiration on the path to purchase.  This has been noticed by the businesses that encourage users to shop with them directly from the app.

Brands Inspire

On Pinterest, brands inspire—they do not interrupt.  You have a platform to share your ideas with people who want to act.  It is an ideal situation to reach people when they are planning and making decisions.  Most searches are for products or ideas rather than brands, so the users are open to learning about new products and brands.  Plus, advertisements are more relevant on Pinterest so tend to get a better return for brands.

How to start using Pinterest for business

If your business is new to Pinterest, download the app and start by watching what others are sharing to get a feel for the platform.  Then create a board, pick a category and description and create your first ‘pin’.  Remember to use your keywords so you can be found with search.  Create your first ‘Pin’ using keywords, hashtags and the destination link. Hit publish and voila – you have started!

Pinterest is a positive place – filled with like minded people.   So, aim to add value, share tips and engage with other ‘Pinners’ for ultimate success.

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