Retail in the Mobile Age.

Retail is Ireland’s largest industry and is also the largest private sector employer in Ireland today.

If you are in retail, you will know that is can also be one of the most challenging industries to be involved in.   However, it can also be exciting and lucrative if you get it right.

Mobile Retail

We are living in changing times and everybody in the retail industry must keep up with trends not only in fashion and tastes but also in behaviour.   The Irish consumer is a mobile consumer with 86% smartphone penetration in the country we are all connected at all times.  With mobile there are only two states of being – you are either asleep or you are online.

Shopping and Mobile

47% of people use mobile to access shopping, more than any other activity we perform on mobile. We Irish love shopping, talking about shopping, thinking about shopping and everything that goes with it.  60% of us will research online before purchasing in store so even if a retail store does not offer online shopping they should view the mobile phone as a tool to get people into the shop.

Social Media

The ‘changing room selfie’ is making the smartphone a shopping companion.  In addition to search, we also follow our favourite brands on social media to see what is new, what is happening and any promotions that are available.   We expect our retail brands and stores to be on social and want them to be there to help us make decisions on our choices when it comes to spending.

Retail Data

We have never had so much information to hand and it is important that we use this data wisely.  Information from our POS, CRM or analytics can be powerful and allow us to make decisions and tailor customer offerings for the future.

When it comes to mobile in retail the advice is to ‘be there’ for your customers.  If they are searching make is easy to find you, be on maps, be on social and don’t forget YouTube.   Keep all products and information up to date on your website.  Make sure all is accurate and make sure your website is quick to load.   Be there with the solution when you need them because if you are not there, your competitor will be.

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