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Facebook really is a ‘social’ network where we discuss and react with topics that are of paramount interest to us.  So how do we as business people use such a powerful platform to engage with our customers? We show you the way to engage with your audience to help build your brand.

It’s a wonderful way to gain brand awareness, generate leads and  encourage existing customers to validate how good you are. 

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Twitter has many benefits and uses for Irish businesses today.  It’s a great way of interacting with customers and influencers.  It’s great to get notices and join in conversations within your industry.  It’s also a great listening tool to learn more about what people are talking about.

Twitter can be a great way to promote an event, generate interest in a subject to just to get talking with others within your industry.

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With 28% of the Irish online population being regular users, LinkedIn is the perfect place to access decision makers in the world of business.  With access to such a willing target market there are certainly opportunities available to market your product.

By creating a company page you can explain what you do and tell a little about the personality behind the brand.  Building brand awareness and encouraging sales leads.


With millions of people worldwide using Instagram every day, this social media channel is one to consider for many businesses.  The figures show 80% of Instagrammers follow at least one business brand so the opportunities are big.

If you can be a little creative, then there could be great opportunities for you with Instagram.

Saying the right things on the right social media channel


Too many social media options that’s the problem

You know you must be on social media, but there are so many options.  What channel should you be on, how often and how do they work?  Let us answer those questions for you.   

What will I say?  What will  help me get sales?

Coming up with a plan for your social media can be so much hassle that you don’t bother.  Leave it to us, we can suggest what to share on each channel and how to manage them effectively.

I don’t have the time to be on social media.

We hear this from clients all the time.  I’m glad you are busy with your business, now you can let the experts manage your social media activity for you. Knowing  it builds your brand. 

Helping your business to grow

Helping you to decide on which social media channels are best for your business

Helping to create interesting content to share on your social media channels

Helping to manage your social media channels so you can get on with your business

Knowing your social media is being looked after by professionals that build your brand

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