Setting Marketing Goals!

Why should you set goals? Well, if you don’t set any goals how do you know if you are being successful?

Having clear, actionable and achievable goals for your marketing is important.  Your goals will drive your strategy for your business and your marketing goals help achieve the business goals.

How to set a goal

Goals will motivate you and keep you on track so try to set a series of achievable goals that bring you to success.

Your goals could be more leads to follow up, more traffic to your website or even sales.  It’s important to set specific objectives with targets and expected outcomes.  While we all love to look at our follower numbers, achieving vanity metrics may not be a good goal to set.  Real success will probably look like more money in the bank rather than more likes.

On social media a goal will be to actually convert followers.  You will work towards creating content for that result, driving them to a website to purchase your product.

 SMART Goals

Smart goals give clear direction and ensures everything is relevant and makes you measure results.  What does SMART stand for?

Specific: set a clear objective that makes sense

Measurable: measure in percentage, money, numbers, a yes or a no

Achievable: go for a number that you could realistically achieve, otherwise it will be disheartening

Relevant: ensure your marketing objectives are relevant to the overall business goals

Timely:  have a deadline to achieve this

You may want to set your goals at the beginning of each year and then you can track the success month by month. If you are achieving your goals, that is fantastic.  However, if things are not going to plan then you have time during the year to adjust your activities and make whatever changes you need so you can get back on track.

Decide what success looks like to you and set some goals today to get your there.  When you have the goal set, you can create an action plan to get you there.  Good luck.

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