Simple Content Ideas That Work Well!

Are you new to using social media for your business? Confused about what to share on social media to build your brand? Even if you a more established business, you can run out of ideas quickly.  Here are some ideas of simple content that works well on Instagram, Facebook, or indeed most social media channels.

Social Media Content Ideas

Use the following concepts to be inspired and then create your own version that will resonate with your audience.

Behind the scenes: Show me what happens in the background.  If you want me to connect with your brand you must show me a little bit of the hard work that goes into making your product or delivering it.

Meet the team:  Who are you? Show me the face behind the brand and share your team with me so I can see they are real people that are passionate about the product.  If you have a big team, this can be a series of posts.  If it is only you, then maybe share a video telling me why you set up your business.

A special day:  There is always a ‘book lovers’ day’ or a ‘bring your pet to work day’.  Find out what is coming up, pick a few special days that resonate with you and your brand and make a graphic that joins in on a conversation.

Tell me a story:  We love a good story.  Tell me the story of your brand name, tell me a story about a customer, tell me a story about how you overcame a challenge in your business. Make connections by storytelling.

Ask a question:  If you want engagement then ask me a question so I can comment on your social media post.  Ask me my opinion on something, ask me about my preferences, encourage me to engage with your social media activity.

Share advice:  You are an expert in your industry, show off your expertise so I can believe in you.  By sharing advice, you are adding value for your followers.  It will be appreciated, and I will learn to trust and believe in your brand.

Share third party content: If you see something that your audience might find interesting or useful then be generous and share it.  It will fill your feed with relevant content and show that you know me and what I like.

FAQ:  You know those questions that you are often asked by customers?  Well, chances are I have the same concerns, confusion or questions too.  By answering these concerns for me you will bring me closer to a sale.

All these concept ideas can be crafted into a graphic, a video or a blog.  So, start being inspired today and lift the quality of your content.  You could be rewarded by more engagement on social media and perhaps even a few more sales as a result.

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