How to generate leads using social media

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How to generate leads using social media. Your marketing activities should result in leads for your sales team.  So how do you use social media to generate leads for your brand? Generating Leads Online marketing is used to build brand awareness to increase demand for a product. Consistent sharing of content across [...]

A guide to advertising on Facebook

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A guide to advertising on Facebook . Just over ten years ago Facebook introduced Facebook Advertising. Back in the olden days (before Facebook) when businesses wanted to promote their goods they may have gone to the local paper or even hired a billboard to get their message across.  Then along came Facebook [...]

Irish people love shopping online

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Irish people love shopping online. Last year Irish consumers spent over €5 billion shopping online according to a recent report from The Consumer Market Monitor. However, 60% of that money was spent with retailers based outside of Ireland. Retail sales in general were up by 7% totalling €40 billion in 2017 which [...]

How to get the most from your Google AdWords Campaign

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Advertising online with Google AdWords can be one of the most effective and efficient ways of reaching new customers. It can help you to grow your business and also get a head start on your competitors.  It can work out very cost efficient if you know how to use this platform properly thus avoiding making costly mistakes.  [...]

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Applejack Marketing are a digital marketing agency based in Kildare.  We work with Irish businesses to help them get an online presence.

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