Getting Results Organically on Social Media

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Getting Results Organically on Social Media! Are you getting less results from social media than you were last year? Those algorithms can be quite a challenge to the small business owner. With less organic reach you are being pushed towards advertising to get any significant results.  However, there are a few things [...]

Influencer Marketing – is it for your business?

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Influencer Marketing – is it for your business? Influencer Marketing is a term that has surfaced in recent years.  You may be wondering if this is  something you should be considering for your business. Years ago, a celebrity might mention they use your product in a radio interview and that could result [...]

10 Top Tips for Making a Social Media Video

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10 Top Tips for Making a Social Media Video! Video is such an engaging form of content for social media.  To create an effective video takes time, planning and creativity.  Here are my top tips for making a social media video: Have A Goal & A Strategy First decide what are you [...]

Harness the Power of LinkedIn

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Harness the Power of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the social media channel for professionals, in fact over 66% of the Irish working population have accounts. This is a great place to build connections and interact with like-minded people.  LinkedIn provides so many networking and sales opportunities, so it is no wonder that there [...]

Applejack Marketing

Applejack Marketing are a digital marketing agency based in Kildare.  We work with Irish businesses to help them get an online presence.

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