The answers to 4 questions people ask about websites.

Over the years we have built many websites for a variety of businesses.

Even though our clients operate in different industries they all have one thing in common – the want a well performing website to promote their business.   We have been asked many questions and I thought it might be interesting to share our most common ones here.

How long does it take to build a website?

Well that all depends, is the answer.  To give a rough guide from start to finish a simple brochure website should take a couple of weeks.  However, that is assuming the client likes the initial design in the first instance.  Once that is agreed the flow of information is the key.  The client should provide the finished text and supply any images early on in the process.  There will be several approval stages and prompt feedback is important.  A bigger, more complex website will obviously take more time.   

How big does my website need to be?

Many conversations start off with ‘I want a simple website’.  The search engines like bigger sites and the user will find it helpful if given enough content to explain what the product or service is.  I believe a website should have at least six to eight pages to include; home, about, contact and a few pages outlining the services.

Once the website is built, is that it?

Once you have approved your website it will be ready to go live to the world.  However, it’s a living thing and will need a little maintenance.  A bit like your car, it will need the occasional service to include updates.  We highly recommend a news section when you can add new content in the form of a blog.  Great for SEO and also for driving visitors to the website.

Why is my new website not on page one of search?

When your website is brand new, it will take a bit of time for the search engines to find it.  You need to help by driving visitors to it.  You can do this by letting everybody know you have a new website and driving visitors from your social media channels.  You will need to continue to work on the SEO by adding new keywords and phrases as necessary.

Your website will be the best salesperson you have once is it built and maintained properly.   Make sure it’s something you can be proud of.

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