The Importance of Branding .

The iconic Nike swoosh is instantly recognisable all around the world.  We see it emblazoned on a shirt or pair of trainers and we know what it means and we may even subconsciously make a decision on the person wearing it.  That swoosh combines motion and speed and is a classic example of effective branding.

Logo and Tagline

Every business should consider what their brand reflects.  Your brand should naturally be born from who you are and who you aspire to be.  It will also be influenced by who people perceive you to be.  It starts with your logo and tagline so it is important to get that right.

We should keep our customer at the heart of everything so thinking of your target audience, the logo must be acceptable to them by making sense and representing what it is you offer.    The colours, shapes and message should suit the tone of voice of your brand be it serious, youthful or quirky.

The branding continues throughout the business.  It will appear on your business card, printed matter, your website and social media channels so it is important that you keep all consistent to avoid confusion.

Your brand is more than just a logo.  Other things to consider when it comes to branding are:

  • What is your company’s mission? Think about why you exist and what you want to offer your customers and let these noble thoughts flow through your brand.
  • What are the benefits and features of your products or services? You know that your product brings advantages to customers lives so think about how that message can be incorporated into the brand.
  • What do your customers already think of your company? You should know what your brand reflects at present, if you are not happy with it then change it now.
  • What qualities do you want customers to associate with your company? You know what you value within your business and these qualities should shine through your brand.

Your branding should help customers remember you.  They will associate you with whatever you provide and this will encourage loyalty and a certain emotional connection.  So the next time you see somebody with a Michael Kors Handbag, driving a BMW or wearing a Tommy Hilfiger jumper think about why they have picked that particular brand and its associations.  Then use that concept when it comes to your brand.  Be the brand that others want to be associated with and build your brand to ultimate success.

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