The Power of Email Marketing.

Are you using email marketing to get some more sales for your brand?

It’s a great way of connecting with customers and is suitable for any size business in any industry.

Email is cost effective & high impact

When you send an email you are reaching an interested audience, we know this because if you have built your list the right way these people have asked to be included.  Using a platform like Mailchimp is a free option for those with small lists.

It can be a high impact way of communicating. Just think about it, most people check their emails daily so it’s a super way to get directly to them.  It allows you to engage with existing customers and those that may not be ready just yet to buy but will be soon.

Email lists the right way

How can you ensure you are not breaking any rules when it comes to email marketing?  Remember the basic rule, you need the consent of the individual to use their personal data for direct marketing purposes.  They must have opted in to receiving your marketing emails.  Can you answer this question if it is posed to you ‘Where did you get my name and show me the proof that I signed up to your marketing emails?’ If you cannot answer that question, you must not use their details.

 How do I build my list?

The best way is to collect them online, direct people to your website where it is automated.  Remember you must allow them to have the ability to unsubscribe easily.  Mailchimp has this functionality already built in.  If you want to get more detailed, you can segment your lists into separate audiences such as existing customers, potential customers, Canadian subscribers or Facebook sign ups.

Subject lines

Never underestimate the importance of a catchy subject title.  Half of recipients decide whether to open an email based on subject line alone.  As a rule, your title should show one of these:  urgency, curiosity, an offer, relevance, timeliness, or an interesting story.  Remember to keep that subject line ‘short and sweet’ for best impact.

Email marketing

Giving individuals information about products and services is a perfectly legitimate activity, provided it respects the individual’s right to privacy.  Sending unwanted direct marketing is neither in your interests nor the interests of those receiving it.  So, start sending out that monthly newsletter full of valuable advice and special offers.  You never know who might see it and you may just get a few extra sales.

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