However, do you find that when you cross off one item, three more get added to the bottom of the list? Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a few of your ‘To Do’ items and give them to somebody else to complete?

When it comes to business we all have the ultimate goal which is to get sales. There is a huge amount of work that goes on in the background to make this happen and this is what keeps us busy. Sometimes when we spend time doing these time consuming necessary tasks we could be missing out on sales opportunities.

Why don’t you have an online presence ?

These days any business that is not concentrating on their online presence is missing out. The 3 reasons that companies give as to why they don’t have an active digital marketing strategy are:
1. Time
2. Cost
3. Can’t be bothered

If you don’t have an effective online presence then you are effectively handing sales to your competitors. By wisely outsourcing your needs then it not only frees up your time but can work out much more cost effective.

Things like updating the website, creating more content, figuring out what to put on Facebook, an email campaign….. the list goes on and never ends. Sometimes it is so daunting that we just hide the list under all the other paperwork on the desk and nothing gets done.

Wouldn’t it be great to hand over some of that list to somebody else to take care of?

We outsource those tasks that we are not expert at, such as using a bookkeeper to organise the invoices and keep the accounts straight. We also might hire somebody to look after our IT and software issues, so why not hire somebody to look after your digital marketing?

You are busy and more valuable to your business actually out there networking, getting sales, seizing opportunities and being the entrepreneur that you are. What you spend on these services would be a fraction of what your time is actually worth. More importantly this means freeing up your time to do other more vital things.

So tidy up your to do list by moving your digital marketing needs onto my list and concentrate on what you are good at – building and running your business.