There’s more to Instagram than just Posts !

Instagram is a social media platform that people really love to engage with.  It’s full of creative photos and videos that inspire us.  Many Irish businesses can attribute their sales growth to their activity on Instagram.

If you are starting to use Instagram to grow your business, you may be tempted to stick with just using Instagram posts to share a single photo each time.  Posts are great, that’s an easy option.  However, if you want to get more results you need to expand and use more of the options that are available to you.

Here is a list of things to try if you want to grow your brand on Instagram:

Photos:  Don’t just share the one photo, why not share multiple photos in one post?  This is called a carousel and these are very engaging, particularly if they are used to tell a story.

Videos: Videos are a wonderful form of content for giving more of an insight into your business.  Videos can inform and help persuade.  They are easy to make and will always get good engagement.

Stories:  They only last for 24hours so the content can be a little more casual.  Stories are perfect for shout outs or for reposting user generated content or anything you want to share for a short period of time.

Highlights:  You can save the stories that you think followers would like to see again by adding them to highlights.  This is a perfect place for sharing those reviews.

Reels:  If you are a little scared of this part of Instagram – don’t be!  Look at what others are doing here and see if you can create a fun creative short from video that may get you more followers.

Live:  Embrace this effective way of speaking directly with your followers.  Going Live is a wonderful way of showcasing your business and encouraging communication with your customers.

The more Instagram features you use, the more the algorithm will like you and the better results you will have.  Harness the power of this popular social media platform and see what heights it will bring to your business this year.

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