Top Tips for Twitter!

Twitter has been around for some time and is still a significant way to network and engage with customers.

It is a networking platform, and it is also a news sharing platform which makes it quite attractive to all its many users. With many new features added in recent months, there is renewed interest in this social media channel. Here is some advice that will help you build your brand using Twitter.

Top Tip: Optimise your Twitter Bio.

You want to encourage new followers and they will look at your bio to decide if you are worth following.  Introduce yourself in an engaging way and remember to use all the characters. Bios are searchable so remember to use your keywords.  An emoji can replace 10 words sometimes and they can show some brand personality.

Top Tip: Use Twitter effectively.

Endlessly scrolling and wondering what to do?  Start by reacting to Tweets on your timeline, give a like, make a comment, or even retweet it if it is good enough.  Then see what’s trending in the Explore tab, perhaps you can join a conversation.  Stay in the know with your notification timeline and engage where possible.  You an even reach out with a direct message to somebody if it is suitable.

Share a bit of yourself with a tweet you created yourself.  What should you tweet?  Perhaps ask a question, share a blog from your website, share industry news, share news about your business.  Take the opportunity to thank somebody by mentioning them.

Top Tip: Plan and Engage.

Tweet early and often but do not overdo it otherwise you will get annoying. Engage more than you broadcast for best results.  Jump on relevant trending topics if you have something to say that will be insightful or helpful.  Take the stress away by planning your content and scheduling ahead.

Top Tip: Use all the features.

Share a mix of content that includes photos, graphics, video.  Check out Twitter spaces, a rival to clubhouse and something that is getting lots of people very excited.  Follow topics, check out lists and use advanced search.  There is so much more to Twitter so make the most of it.

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