Why use WordPress to build a Website?

If you are considering a new website for your business, you might have heard WordPress being mentioned as an option.

WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system) in Ireland with 65% of Irish websites built on it.  There are many reasons why WordPress is so popular and here are just a few.

Easy to Learn & Easy to Use

WordPress was designed for everybody to use, not just web developers with coding and html knowledge.  It’s true you will need training before attempting to build a website, but the training is easily accessible.  As with most subjects there are lots of ‘how to’ videos online and great support from WordPress itself that will help you figure things out.  It’s super easy to add a blog, upload an image or embed a video once you know how.


When you get started you can create a great looking website using one of the many themes already waiting there for you.  With a little knowledge you can also customise the look of the website design it to make it your own.  There are Plugins available to help with many tasks on your website.  They are free, simple to install and designed to make tasks simple.


WordPress is a free and open source CRM so there are no huge costs involved in using it.  Once you have paid for your domain and hosting you can install it very easily and start building almost immediately.  Because it is so popular it will have lower costs for maintenance as you can either manage the website yourself or choose a competitively priced company to look after it for you.


We all know the importance of SEO.  WordPress sites are very search engine friendly for a number of reasons.  They are easily read by the search engines, automatically mobile responsive and by using plugins such as Yoast SEO you can ensure top marks.


Developed with security in mind.  So popular, so many updates and patches, reliable, easy to back up and reinstall if there is an issue.  It’s also easy to convert your brochure site to an ecommerce site by adding a plugin such as WooCommerce.

If you are considering upgrading an old website or creating a brand new one you should consider WordPress as your platform.  Easy to use and with so many benefits it will be an easy choice and one you will not regret.

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