Using the Right Image on Social Media .

A picture tells a thousand words, how many times have you heard this? It is a common expression and is so true when it comes to telling the story of your brand.

Share Compelling Visuals

Most of us are visual learners and we are attracted by bright colourful images.  We expect social media posts to be accompanied by a photo, graphic or video.  That is what stops us scrolling and holds our attention.  Compelling visuals is an expression we use for images that inspire, encourage curiosity, or even shock us.   The images you use on your social media should have been selected carefully, some thought should have gone into ensuring they give the right message.

Visual First

Instagram and Pinterest are visual first – the emphasis is on the image with these platforms, the captions certainly come second.  The images should get their attention first and then they can read what you have to say.  Some of the most appealing images will feature people – showing the faces behind the brand helps create a rapport between the follower and the brand itself.

Using a behind the scenes image is a super idea.  Followers want to see what is going on in the office, in the shop, even what is going on as you are working from your kitchen table.  They want to know what it would be like to be part of your day and fell like they are part of your brand.

Photos and Personality

In a photo you can show your brand personality. Show your followers what you and your team care about, helping them identify with your brand and encouraging them to get to know you better.  In an ideal world, all the photos you share will be taken by you.  If you cannot use your own photos you can hire a photographer or purchase stock images on many websites.  There are even a few websites out there that offer free photos that will not land you in hot water over copyright issues.   Unsplash and Pixabay are great resources.  If you need to add text or your logo then you can use a free platform such as Canva to manipulate them.

So, the next time you write a blog or are planning a social media post, take a look at the image you are using. Is it relevant to the subject?  Is it compelling?  Does it suit your brand?  The right image will certainly help tell your story so make sure you use it.

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