Why has video become such a popular trend lately?

Video Statistics

According to experts, video will account for more than 80% of global internet traffic by 2019.  That’s certainly a driver to encourage us to take it very seriously.  Hubspot tell us that by including videos on a landing page it can increase conversion by 80%.  We are all curious and tend to hit a play button when we see it so if the message is good enough we may be encouraged to purchase.

Bringing a brand to life

Video is a great way of telling others about what our brand is all about.  We can show them the product in action and even how it might be improving people’s lives.  We all love video because we can process it so much faster than text.  We are busy and there is so much content out there we want to consume things easily and quickly wherever possible.


YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world.  We all use it for those ‘how to’ tutorials when we need to learn about a subject or fix something.  To make sure your video can be found there are a few seo tips to follow. Use your keywords in the title and make it clear what your video is about.  The description is just as important, the first two lines will be shown so again remember keywords and explain the content.  Tags will help explain the relevance of your content to search engines.

Re-purpose your video

Once you have created it then it can have many uses to get the most value from it.  You can embed it into your website, share on social media and even use it when doing a presentation.  A picture might tell a thousand words so imagine how effective a video could be.

Explainer videos

These types of videos explain complex ideas in a simple to understand way.  It’s a great way of getting creative and cramming a whole instruction manual into a minute or two of content.  You will get the main points across in an engaging way.

Live Video

Going live allows you to share with your followers, customers and potential customers in a much different way.  Viewers can get a real sense of the brand and the people behind the brand as it’s a more natural way to share.  It’s also cost effective and takes up a lot less of your time.

Whatever type of video you decide to do ensure you also remember to make the most of it by optimising it for SEO and sharing it with the world in as many ways possible.

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