Video is King when it comes to content !

According to research, our attention span has dramatically decreased in just 15 years.

Perhaps it is our busy lives or the type of content we are used to consuming now that has caused this.   With 75% of all internet traffic to be video by 2020, it is not surprising that more and more businesses are moving towards video to promote their brands.

Video is Easy

When both text and video are available most of us will choose the video to consume.  This can seem like the easy option when we want to know something immediately.   We spend so much time online now, this is where we are getting our news and information.  The short 30 second clip will be more powerful than the long newspaper article.

Let’s face it, it has certainly moved to a ‘mobile first’ world.  This is a result of better Wi-Fi more readily available and cheaper data packages that make it easy to watch video when we get a free moment.

Why video?

If you are in business today your main goal is to get more sales.  You will only do that if you either sell more to existing customers or find new people to sell to.  It’s all about building a brand and getting in front of the right eyes at the right time with the right message.

Video is great for:

Building awareness:  Let the potential customer know you exist in an easy to digest format.

Engagement:  Show and tell by using a ‘how to video’ or ‘behind the scenes’ of your brand.

Decision Makers: The power of a customer testimonial, showing the product in action and letting people know how it solves their challenge will help make a sale.

If a potential customer watches the video they will be up to 80% more likely to purchase from you.  You are moving them along the sales journey in an enjoyable way.  A phrase that has been going around lately is ‘If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is surely worth a million’. So here are some quick pointers for your next video:

  • The first 3 seconds are the hook so grab their attention
  • Optimise for silent viewing by adding some subtitles
  • Tell a great story and entertain them
  • Add some personality and emotion
  • Remember to have some branding somewhere
  • Don’t make it too long, under a minute is best
  • Have a call to action, tell them what you want them to do next

Whatever your budget or ability there will be some way for you to create video.  Put some thought into it and start today.  Video is King, make sure it rules your brand.

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