Your potential customers are not ignoring you, they are just busy.  Attention spans are decreasing as consumers get used to twitters 140 characters, 15 second video and instant messaging.  They expect instant answers and services to be available to them immediately.  That is why video may be the ideal platform needed to engage with these types of consumers.

Holding their attention

Something pretty amazing is required to get their attention and to keep it as competition for their time is fierce.   These busy people know that there is more out there for them to consume and they want to be entertained and informed.

The bad news is that there are more brands online and more competition for their attention at every time of the day.  The good news is there are also more people on line with increasing numbers of older people getting to grips with technology, more access to online and even more mobile use.

‘How to’ video

When you want to know how to fix something, which would you rather do – read 4 pages of instructions or watch a 3 minute YouTube ‘how to’ video?  Most people are now turning to the more convenient video option than ever, in 2017 it is expected that Video will account for 69% of all online data traffic.  If this trend holds true then by 2019 video is predicted to be at levels of around 80%.

The experts say that mobile video ads will grow 5 times faster than desktop and at present 50% of YouTube watch time is on mobile and growing.

Consuming ‘on the go’

We are consuming our information on the go when it suits us, scanning through some of it and only engaging with what catches our attention.

As a business we must move on from trying to create something to go viral to creating something engaging for our customers.   We need to get to know our customers and create something that they will like, engage with and share.  This is much more valuable to any business as this is where we  are creating leads and helping to generate sales.

You have 10 seconds

You have 10 seconds or less to catch the attention of the user.  Don’t use it to sell, that just won’t cut it.  In 2016 it is all about engagement – being interesting, funny or even tugging at the heart strings.

We know that 64% of users use YouTube to find products they want and  42% of online shoppers use video during their pre purchase research.  These want to purchase but they don’t want to be ‘sold to’.  These consumers want to be informed, entertained, warmed up and gently guided along the sales cycle.

Get ahead of the competition

Be ahead of the competition, optimise your online presence and include video in your strategy.  A great campaign will help to increase revenue, profitability and market share.  Just because you are a small business does not mean you have to think small.  A strong web presence opens doors, leads to faster growth and access to bigger markets.   Once you can understand your customer and acknowledge the changes in the market you will be able to adapt to it and prosper.

Remember your potential customers are not ignoring you, they are just busy.  So you need to get busy and figure out how to get your brand in front of them now and maybe video is one way to do that.