Ways to Promote a business online.

On average in Ireland 60 new businesses are registered every day.

All these new entrepreneurs believe they have something that the world needs.  Once the product or service is ready and the paperwork is done they then have to let everybody know about it.  That’s when they ask ‘How do I promote my new business online’?

Here are some popular ways to tell the world:


Having a website for your business will give the extra credibility it needs.  People are using Google to find your product and without a website you are making it harder to be found.  A good website that tells your story, showcases your products and makes it easy to contact you is the perfect salesperson.


When we search for a product online we generally don’t go past the first few listings on the Google Search page.  Is your website up there and how do these other companies get to be on that page?  It’s all about the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).  Ensuring the website is optimised by having great content that accurately describes your product with relevant keywords is a first step.

Social Media

Knowing where your customer base is hanging out will be the basis of your selection of which social media channels to be on.  Knowing the right message to give them and then putting a plan in place is the next action. Your social media activity is building brand awareness.  You will also use it to learn about what your customer wants, it’s a super way to listen and engage with them.  Creating a loyal fan base will ensure the success of your business.


Be easily found with a listing on Google maps and Google business.  Link with industry relevant bodies websites, get a link on local websites and review websites.  All online listings should be optimised to link back to your website or shop and contact you.


Including blogging for your own website and guest blogging for other websites will get you noticed.    Blogging is not something to be afraid of, it’s writing about what you know and sharing your insights while mindful that you are trying to promote your own business.


While newspaper, radio and television advertising still have a place in the marketing mix. Online advertising is what most businesses will rely on.  Google AdWords can be a great way to get results for a new business that is not ranking on page one just yet.  Social media advertising on Facebook or Instagram is very cost effective because it can be highly targeted.


YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine.  Consider how your business can capitalise on this –  maybe by creating some ‘how to’ video tutorials or product demonstrations.  Entertain your potential customers and move them along the sales journey.


Email is a cost effective and very direct way to speak with your customers.  Once all the data protection laws are followed it can be a valuable tool to the small business owner.  Reaching out and letting customers know about new products or promotional events.

All these tools can be included in any business marketing plan, even when the whole business consists of one very lonely sole trader.  Embrace these new ways of promoting your new product and you shall reap the rewards.

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