What is Engagement on Social Media?

The term ‘Engagement’ refers to the likes, shares and comments that your content gets on social media.  This is how we can measure our success on social media, an audience that is engaging with our content normally turns into paying customers at some stage.

There are many metrics we can measure in social media, here are some of the main ones:

Vanity Metrics

These are the likes and shares that make us feel good and help us know if the content we are sharing is what our audience wants to see.  We can measure the amplification rate of the interaction, as others are sharing our content we are now exposed to a larger audience.

Sales Metrics

These are the actual sales that we can attribute to our activity on social media.  The clicks that resulted in orders from our websites.  They will also include the enquiries which could come via messenger, email or phone as a result of social media activity.  We will also remember our existing customers that are following us on social, with repeat sales and increased revenue.


This is an interesting metric to measure.  The questions and comments on what you are posting help you learn and are a great way to research what your customers want.  These comments can be measured and show a percentage of share of voice compared to other competitors.


Facebook reviews, LinkedIn endorsements, Google reviews are all good ways to getting to know a brand.  Your reviews represent real people saying good (or bad) things about your brand.


We know that followers refer to the amount of people choosing to follow your account.  We will measure audience growth rate, that is how many new followers we are getting each week.  We can measure how we getting these thus learning more about how we can increase that activity.  The more followers we have, the better potential reach.  Only some followers will turn into customers, so the more we have the better.

By measuring the engagement on social media, we can learn about what works.  And if it works, we do more of it.  If it doesn’t work, it allows us the data so we can improve.  Engagement is the key to social media success so make sure you are measuring yours.

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