What is your brand message?

If you are wondering what content you can share on social media to build brand awareness and encourage sales, then you need to look at your message first.  You will need to encourage followers to find out about your brand and build a rapport so they can convert to customers.

What is the challenge you solve for your customer?

Nobody wants to ‘buy a product’ but we all want our challenges solved. For example, if I am unfulfilled in my current job (my challenge), I will spend money on hiring a career coach to help me discover my true potential to land my dream job (the solution).  What do you do for your customers?  You will certainly do one of these four things: give pleasure, prevent pain, save money, or make money.

Think about your USP, what have you got that is so much better than the competitor?  That will form part of your message.  Remember, the customer is always thinking ‘what’s in it for me?’  So tailor your social media message to talk about the benefits and not the features of your product.

Brand Proposition

A brand proposition is a promise that a brand makes.  It is important the brand’s promise is easy to understand, engaging, unique, relevant and consistent. It should address the customers current needs and also look to the future.   You will need to identify how your brand is currently positioning itself, check out your competitors and compare yourself to their position.  Use your unique selling point to decide where your brand sits and then create a brand positioning statement around that.

Brand Positioning Statement.

Your brand positioning statement will give you great direction.  There are four elements:

Target Customer:  Who are they, what do they care about, why does your brand appeal to them?

Market Definition:  What category is your brand competing in and why it is there?

Brand Promise:  What will your brand do to benefit your customer and why is it better than others?

Reason to Believe:  What is the evidence that your brand delivers on its brand promise?

Your brand positioning will help you in making decisions such as what price to charge, which outlets your product should be stocked in, which events you will target, the style of your website, your packaging and more.  Most of all, it will help you craft the right message to attract the perfect customer for your product on social media and beyond.

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